RockBand Video Game Jam Session

In 2013 ended it’s 5 year run of monthly RockBand Bar Nights at Rockie Raccoons Bar & Eatery.

We thank Rockies for being a wonderful and gracious host to the event and encourage you to continue giving them your patronage.

The RockBand Video Game Jam Session is now purely an EVENT-FOR-HIRE. If you are interested in having RockBand as part of your corporate event or private party, or if you just want to bring us to your favourite watering-hole, please contact Eric at or via Facebook or twitter.

Rockie Raccoons – September

RockBand Video Game Karaoke Bar Night combines the karaoke thrill of performing for an audience with RockBand, the world’s most popular music video game. Track listings are passed around. Request slips are filled-out. Beverages are consumed. And when your band’s name is called you and your friends take the stage to rock out on guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

All equipment is provided. The event is Xbox 360 compatible for those who want to bring their own plastic axe to grind. And, yes, WE HAVE KEYBOARDS!

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