Dominion City Brewing Co. Morningside Blonde Ale on Coffee Beans

Pours a light, clear amber. An intriguing nose that flits between hints of resin, florals, sweet caramel and smoke. Smooth on the palate with some hops bitterness augmented by a not unpleasant coffee grounds astringency that drifts towards a smoked/cured meats vibe as it warms in the glass. A complex beer with a lot going on. If you’re in the Ottawa area it would definitely be worthwhile to stop-by the brewery to pick up a grumbler’s* worth. 

*(A ‘grumbler’ is apparently the term for Dominion City’s adorable and almost literally pint-sized reinterpretation of the larger growler.)

Beau’s New Lang Syne Belgian Tripel Ale Aged in White Wine Barrels and Bottle-Conditioned

Pours cloudy golden-yellow, pale-orange. Mango and white pepper on the nose. The barrel influence is definitely present on the palate along with the residual yeast, hinting towards a tart, light white wine with the white pepper rushing back onstage during the finish for a welcome curtain call. This was drank as part of a ‘wine’ and cheese pairing event for my Dad’s birthday and I highly recommending it with a triple creme cheese like the one with which we paired it. Thank you Beau’s and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Beau’s Weiss O’Lantern Pumpkin Weiss

Pour a clear light amber orange (clearer than might be expected for a wheat beer). Citrus and biscuit notes on the nose. Tart almost to the point of sour on the palate with a smooth, easy finish.

Beau’s Happy Pilsner (Wild Oats Series No.7)


Pours pale yellow with lots of head—like it’s designed to spill out of a large stein. Classic Pilsner nose. Hints of honey on the palate. Nice heft with malty backbone. Becomes a bit more ‘green’ on the palate with subsequent sips. All-round very pleasant pilsner.

Beaus Festivale Plus Sticke Alt

Deep cloudy amber. Faint hint of black liquorice on the nose. The alcohol is strong—approaching barley wine levels in taste if not ABV. This is a beer that coats the palate like lead paint—seeping in deeper and deeper with each swig. The barrel ageing has added considerable depth compared to the original Festivale with toasty oak notes throughout.