Sawdust City 11.05 Triple India Pale Ale

Collaboration between brewmasters Sam Corbeil and Ryan Morrow of Nickel Brook.
Pours cloudy amber orange. Nose of tropical fruit and pine resin. Loads of hop of the palate encircled by orange citrus and palate scraping bitterness. The finishing is pleasantly long. Highly recommended.

Muskoka Brewery Winter Jack: Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout

Oily jet-black. An oaky creaminess on the nose is reminiscent of other barrel-aged brews but accompanied by a high octane background of alcohol. Bitter baker’s chocolate on the initial attack that smooths-out to a creamy chocolate truffle on the palate. Hardly any bitterness on the finish but I can’t find any hint of the cranberry fruit.