Forked River Brewing Lord Simcoe’s Revenge West Coast IPA

Pours dark amber. Resin and hints of strawberry shortcake on the nose. Sweet and creamy on the palate. The hops is present but not over powering. Currently available as pre-filled growlers at the Summerhill LCBO.

Block 3 Brewing Co. Cathedral Belgian IPA

This beer was my first ever growler purchase from the still relatively new Craft Beer Experience zone at the Summerhill LCBO in Toronto. 

If you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend doing so. There’s a tasting bar where (for a nominal fee) you can sample from a weekly selection of craft beers on tap and bring home you favourite in a pre-filled, LCBO branded growler.

The beer pours cloudy light yellow-orange. Orange citrus on the nose with yeast notes in the background. Smooth on the palate with medium hop bitterness that is very approachable. 

Coastal Empire Beer Co. (Savannah, Georgia) Inshore Slam IPA

My wife and I just returned from celebrating our ‘Cotton’ (2nd) Anniversary in Savannah, Georgia, and I brought back several local brews that will appear here over the next few weeks. There’s a great beer scene in Georgia that (aside from the weird hours and some liquor laws that are even more archaic than Ontario’s) I highly recommend checking-out.

Pours golden yellow. Subtle pine resin notes on the nose. Slightly velvety on the palate with a bracing, cleansing bitterness on the finish.

Collective Arts Brewing Ransack the Universe Hemisphere IPA gifted to me by their biggest fan @toddWfraser

Pours amber-orange. Lovely pine resin hops on the nose. Resin continues on the palate along with citrus and a pleasant cleansing bitterness and leads to a lengthy finish.

The label features a reproduction of “The Man with the Master Van” by artist Cait Maloney

Dieu du Ciel Moralité American IPA


Pours cloudy yellow-orange. Pine and citrus on the nose with the citrus winning. The balance between those notes carries through onto the palate. The hoppy bitterness is crisp and palate cleansing with a bit of pine resin left to hang out around the molars. Very pleasant IPA. If you can find it at the LCBO (apparently there are two 4 packs available in Barrie and Ottawa, respectively,) or get a chance to visit the brewpub in Montreal, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Stone Brewing Co. Delicious IPA w/Lemondrop & El Dorado Hops


Pours light amber yellow. Lemon pound cake on the nose. There’s an almost orange TANG quality on the palate combined a nice rush of bitter hop freshness. The malt plays second fiddle without becoming overall unbalanced.

Sawdust City 11.05 Triple India Pale Ale

Collaboration between brewmasters Sam Corbeil and Ryan Morrow of Nickel Brook.
Pours cloudy amber orange. Nose of tropical fruit and pine resin. Loads of hop of the palate encircled by orange citrus and palate scraping bitterness. The finishing is pleasantly long. Highly recommended.