Trillium Brewing “Old Soul” American Blonde Barleywine Style Ale Aged on American Oak

Pours cloudy dark yellow-orange. Sweet nose of citrus and dried apricot. Sweet and smooth on the plate with big mouthfeel and loads of oak influences. Highly recommended.

Trillium Brewing Co. Congress St. IPA

Cloudy dark yellow. Tropical passion fruit, mango & lychee (almost sherbet) on the nose with a hint of pine lurking in the background. On the palate the pine steps to the foreground on a wave of pleasant hop bitterness leading to a long finish. Where as Trillium’s Grass Hopper Pale Ale didn’t overly impress me, this IPA is a World Series winning home run definitely worthy of the biggest ticker-tape parade.

Trillium Brewing Co. Grass Hopper Pale Ale

Cloudy deep amber. Pine resin hop notes on the nose. An incredibly balanced beer. Perhaps too perfectly balanced to make a splash in the current craftbeer zeitgeist. On the palate the hops and malt are present but almost indistinguishable. It’s smooth and easy drinking. The length begins to build after the 3rd or 4th sip. This is a beer that could easily get lost in a tasting flight since there is no stratospheric IBU presence or big roasted malt notes to smack you around. Grass Hopper was brewed with 100% Massachusetts-grown/sourced malts and hops, and I imagine the goal was to craft a beer that allowed the ingredients to support each other rather than having one aspect standout. I’d say Trillium has definitely accomplished that with this pale ale, although the result is more a subtle “good job” nod rather than a ticker-tape parade.